MN09 - Paludi di Ostiglia

The Paludi di Ostiglia Natural Reserve is what remains of the vast marshland called Valli Grandi Veronesi, whose reclamation work began in 1850 and went on up until the Seventies of the XX century. Because of the reclamation the Ostiglia marshes are a rare example of raised marshland: its waters are located above the neighbouring area, and for this reason is it artificially fed and surrounded by embankments.

The protected area provides shelter to 175 bird species and some very rare habitats, which led the EU to officially recognise it. Also, it is part of the LIPU natural reserve network.

Do not walk or cycle beyond path limits; the area is open to cyclists, though between March and September, some areas may be accessed only on foot in order to allow birds to nest.

Total length
2.9 km
Suggested type of bycicle
Mountain bike
Cycle time
00:09 (hh:min)
Max height
12 m
Difficulty by cycle
24 %
Mountain track
76 %
100 %