MN09 - The ring at Ostiglia

A short, circular itinerary included in the "Ciclovia dei Parchi dell'Oltrepò Mantovano" network. After setting off at Ostiglia, between the two underpasses by the power station, a slight detour is available (the signs are clearly positioned on site) down to the Isola Boschina Natural Reserve.

Some side roads lead to XIV century Santuario della Comuna, surrounded by the lush countryside. The route winds on along Canal Bianco, the waterway connecting Mantua and the Adriatic Sea, for a long stretch up to the Paludi di Ostiglia Natural Reserve. The reserve is open to cyclists though, between March and September, some areas may be accessed only on foot in order to allow birds to nest. Make sure you bring a lock to leave your bike safely at the entrance. After the tour (a total of 6 km, see map) the path leads back to Ostiglia.

The route unwinds for long stretches alongside side roads, some of which are open to vehicle traffic – albeit quite poor – which nevertheless calls for some degree of caution.

Start node info
Ostiglia, railway station
End node info
Ostiglia, railway station
Total length
24.1 km
Suggested type of bycicle
Cycle time
01:13 (hh:min)
21 m
21 m
Max height
23 m
Difficulty by cycle
98 %
2 %
99 %
On cycle road
2 %