MN08 - Between Castellucchio and Mantova

Itinerary connecting the cycle path network in the Oglio and Po area and the Mantua provincial network; this brief route is rich of architectural, historic and natural landmarks. The Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria is located in Grazie. The building was commissioned by Francesco I Gonzaga in 1399 as an offering to Virgin Mary during the plague that hit the city in those years. Between Grazie and Angeli there are three short detours (the signs are clearly positioned on site) leading to panoramic views over the Mincio wetlands and the monument to the Aldriga martyrs. Angeli is a little hamlet on the shore of Lake Superiore. It is clustered around the Church of Santa Maria, which still displays some traits of an ancient fishing village.

Soon after Angeli, the route leaves the Destra Mincio cycle path and winds down towards the lakeside, and in this charming landscape leads to Mantua across Parco di Belfiore.

Start node info
Castellucchio, railway station
End node info
Mantua, railway station
Total length
15.7 km
Suggested type of bycicle
Cycle time
00:49 (hh:min)
14 m
22 m
Max height
29 m
Difficulty by cycle
83 %
14 %
Mountain track
3 %
100 %
On cycle road
63 %