The Po cycling track

An enrapturing path, seemingly suspended over time: the river's silence rules supreme as countless rows of poplar trees reaching out to infinity and the flight of the herons accompany cycling tourists in their ride along the banks (mostly closed to any vehicular traffic) of Italy's longest river.

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The Lomellina ring

A long ring divided in 4 legs to discover a spectacular territory which tourism, so far, has discovered only partly. Architectural landmarks harmoniously combine with the environment, shaped in turn by irrigation works, generating a surprising environment, extremely rich in opportunities and precious spots.

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The Via Francigena road by bike

Four days of cycling to discover the Lombard itinerary of the Via Francigena road. The itinerary is 160 km long and goes from Palestro to Piacenza, crossing the whole Pavia province territory and the Basso Lodigiano (Lodi lower plains area).

The cycling itinerary intertwines with and sometimes overlaps with the pedestrian itinerary of the "Via Francigena di Sigerico", offering several chances to create ring-shaped itineraries at one's pleasure.

The Via Francigena cycling path is an initiative sponsored by the Tourism and Thermal Activities Office of the Pavia Province.

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