Cecilia Gallerani Theatre

Built at the beginning of the 1920’s, it was the centre of the cultural life of the town until the beginning of the Sixties which saw the beginning of its gradual deterioration. Rebuilt in 1983 and renovated again in 2004, it is the venue for cultural events and theatrical and musical performances. In November  2002 it was dedicated to Cecilia Gallerani, an important personality of Renaissance culture, who lived in the Rocca di San Giovanni in Croce and was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in his famous painting Lady with an Ermine.

The birth of the current City Theatre dates back to 3rd May 1923, when the Fascist company 'La Patriottica' bought the land where the building would then be built. We do not have precise indications on the date of construction but we only know for sure that in 1932, after the company went bankrupt, it was bought by the Municipality of Palvareto, ancient name of San Giovanni in Croce.

From then to around 1960, the theatre was always a lively and vital presence for the village, until it started to decay slowly, up to the beginning of the 1980s when it was in a state of complete neglect.

The official inauguration of the building in its current plan layout, with toilets, changing rooms, showers, fixtures and window and door frames and thus totally restored, dates back to 14th May 1983. On that occasion, the Company 'I Guitti' (The Strolling Players) staged the comedy "Due dozzine di rose scarlatte' (Two dozens of scarlet roses) by A. De Benedetti.

In 2002, the City Theatre was named after Cecilia Gallerani. The City Administration, during the last few years, has carried out maintenance and fixture accommodations, to adjust the hall to the current regulations and new stage needs.

The theatre has got 168 seats in stalls and 55 in the gallery, for a total number of 223. The stage surface is of 54 square metres, whereas the net floor area for the members of the audience is of around 200 square metres.

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