Filodrammatici Theatre

With the clear purpose to bring up people to republican ideals through free-of-charge theatrical performances in a theatre that was specially built with that purpose.
The "Society of the Theatre" was established with declared educational purposes: thus, it was established «to spread education and morals among people in a pleasant way »; theatrical performances and scientific entertainment were the practical realization of such purpose. But in the years following its establishment, without changes to the Statute, the educational purposes lessened and, in time, pure entertainment and amusement activities gained space both for the members and their families, following the example of the other Companies that operated in Cremona in that period.
Only with the 1882 Statute the theatrical activity was given priority, whereas with the 1884 Statute also the educational purpose appeared again, but limited to music and dramatics for those who were particularly inclined.

On 30th June 1801, the Amateur Actors Theatre was officially founded. On 30th June 1801 the Cremona patriotic theatre was officially established, which then became Cremona Amateur Actors Company.

Paradoxically, the transformation of the church of Saint Filippo Neri into a theatre brought the building back to its ancient function, as originally, it was the Ariberti Theatre, after the name of the aristocratic family with the same name, and the most ancient theatre in town, established well before the Ponchielli Theatre which was founded in 1747.

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