Gonzaga Theatre

"The only environment that is worth mentioning, inside the castle, is the 19th century theatre, which, despite its limited dimensions, has got the same dignity and completeness of its more famous rivals ".
This rare example of theatre in the province of Cremona, despite it has been left in a state of complete neglect that undermines its survival, still shows the balanced harmony of wooden structures and the fineness of the graceful pictorial decoration.
The oldest piece of paper documenting the existence of a castle hall used as theatre dates back to 1798.
Some citizens of Ostiano, that was then part of the Cisalpine Republic, asked the French authorities if they could pull down a wall inside the castle so as to have only one room and enlarge the stage ". (Benassi, 1982, p. 15).
But only in the past century was the theatre transformed as we see it today, thanks to the restoration carried out in 1930, by the parish priest Pietro Antonio Posio.
We do not know whether the design of the hall was carried out by some architects, such as Foglia or Vergani who were then working at the theatre yards of Canneto, Bozzolo and Ostiglia, or if it is the result of the parish priest’s initiative.
After the theatre was built, Giulio Matta, who was then decorating the recently finished Frizzi house, was called to decorate the theatre as well. The painter, exponent of a family of artists specialized in interior decoration, decorated the ceiling with graceful maidens alternated with vases full of flowers, for the upper balcony he chose a continuous frieze interrupted by grotesque masks, whereas for the lower balcony he chose mythological scenes representing the Loves of Jupiter.
Restoration was finished in 2002. It is owned by the Municipality.

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