Lock at Trevenzuolo and the Mantua-Adriatic waterway

The lock at Trevenzuolo is one of 5 on the Mantua-Adriatic waterway. It is a water-elevator enabling vessels travelling on the navigable canal to overcome a height difference of 4m, from 8.5m to 12.5m above sea level.

The Mantua-Adriatic waterway (known locally as the ‘Canal Bianco’ or White Canal) was designed in 1938 but only became operational in 2002. 136km long, it links the city of Mantua to the Adriatic via the Po di Levante estuary. The waterway is connected to the River Po by the San Leone lock, a few kilometres upstream from the Travenzuolo one at Governolo, and constitutes a good alternative when the river level is low.

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