Asola - Historic center

This important town is located in the western part of the province of Mantova, 38 km far from the city and 42 Mt above the sea level, on the left bank of River Chiese. The town was founded in the second century B.C by Centomani Gauls and became an important municipal in the Roman period.
Although subjected to the influence of Brescia, during the Seigniories period Asola established an autonomous district called “Quadra” together with towns belonging to both the province of Brescia, like Rodomello, and to the province of Mantua, like Casaloldo, Redonesco and Mariana. The Quadra later obtained the autonomy from the church of Brescia to which it was subjected and enjoyed particular privileges. It was object of contention between the Gonzaga family, the Viscounts of Milan and the city of Brescia. In 1440 it freely chose to submit to the Republic of Venice; this domination lasted until 1797. The Venetian Most Serene Government turned the Questia into a fortress, taking full advantage of the city’s strategic location.

(Translation Ottavia Mapelli)

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