Municipal Theater of Casalmaggiore

The theater construction was promoted by a society made up of twelve rich citizens of Casalmaggiore, whose action contributed to the improvement and the reputation of the “city” –qualification that empress Maria Teresa of Austria conferred to Casalmaggiore in 1754.
The so-called “fastassa”, a large room with a little balcony that was traditionally intended to host popular balls, was added later: it is now used as a showroom.
The Theater is a traditional Italian one, featuring a u-shaped plan, three levels of galleries crowned by “the gods” (the highest one) and a capacity of 350 seats.
After the success of the Opera tradition of the 19th century and a long decadence started in the middle of 20th century, the theatre was reopened to the public in 1989, and since then regularly hosts an important theatrical season and many cultural events.

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(Translation Ottavia Mapelli)

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