The municipality of Gabbioneta-Binanuova was founded in 1928 from the merging of two villages located on the right bank of the river Oglio. In Gabbionetathere is a castle dating back to the medieval period which bears witness to the struggles for possession of the banks of the river. The prepostural Church of S. Ambrose is in Baroque style and dates back to the end of the 17th century, but was built on a pre-existing building. Inside, the grand altar, of particular interest for the refinement of the carved marbles, and a precious “Amati” organ of  1860. The history of the Oratory of the Blessed Virgin of Caravaggio dates back to 13th August 1624, with the building of a shrine, and it was expanded in 1666. The parish church of Saints Martin and Nicholas has antique origins and houses two painting of great interest in oil on wood by De Becis.
The territory of the municipality is part of the Oglio North Park.