Corte de' Frati

No reliable information exists about the origins of the place. Probably the area was reclaimed by the Romans, as traces of their presence and the toponomy of the area suggest.
/>According to the historian Robolotti, AlfianoVecchioandNuovo con Grumone have Roman origin; of interest are the Oratory of Saint Giulia and the Manna RoncadelliVaghi Villa inGrumonewith the faithful reproduction of the grotto of the immaculate conception of  Lourdes (1982) the areas are bathed by the river Oglio and have a particular charm.
Of Gothic origin is Aspice (formerlyVicoFurio) founded in 492 with the oratory of Saint Rocco of 1535.
Corte de’ Frati (formerly Corte de’ Zeni) dates back to the IX century. The church of the Saints Philip and James was built on the foundations of the Castle in the year 1683; the Square is of great artistic interest.
At the Town Cultural centre we can visit the mineral and fossils museum and Exhibitions of local painters.