Cella Dati

The village has been inhabited since the bronze age, as the finds from a settlement discovered during recent excavations prove. It was colonised by the Romans and then was dominated by the Longobards. The village, as were many others in the area, was pillaged and devastated by the French troops in 1647. The most important monument is the seventeenth century Villa Dati.
To be visited, the parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption, consecrated in 1487, which is home to various valuable paintings, frescoes and decorations and also has a splendid organ dating back to  1700 which was built by the company Bossiof Bergamo. The parish church of Saint Lawrence (hamlet of Cella Dati), isalso home to extremely interesting paintings which some attribute to Giulio Campi and Bernardino Gatti.
Nearby we find Fontana with its beautiful Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul, dating back perhaps to the times of Charlemagne, containing in its presbytery traces of a fourteenth century fresco and on its outer walls has some graffiti depicting ancient Christian symbols. The Parish Church of Pugnolo has on one of itsfaçadesthe coat of arms of the Ferrari, with the characteristic “horse shoe”, the date of construction and the name of the rector  Don Pietro Ferrari.