Lodi, Incoronata Sanctuary

Built in 1488 after the drawings by Giovanni Battagio, the Incoronata Sanctuary is the most prestigious and best-known monument in the city. Its definition as “Civil temple” is due to

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Museo dello Strumento Musicale e della Musica

The didactic collection “Museum of Musical Instruments and
Music” is of recent formation, indeed its conception dates back to
2005, while the official creation and opening to the public took
/>place in 2008. The musical instruments displayed there come
from a private collection belonging to the Farina and Pedrazzini
families who, after more than thirty years of thorough research
devoted to collecting of “musical exhibit”, expressed the will to
use the collection for the creation of a permanent exhibition
addressed both to schools and to curious people willing to learn
about music. The collection was started in 1978 with a simple display
case containing three ethnical musical instruments and nowadays the
museum has about 200 items on display, some of them being restored,
while the record collection consists of more than 3.000 vinyl discs and
the historical library counts about a thousand items among scores,
books, and publications. The collection is of remarkable value and is
constantly updated and enriched with new items coming from all over
the world, which, if necessary, are carefully restored, catalogued and,
after the filling of a technical and scientific form, are put on display to
the benefit of visitors. In these few years the Museum has strengthened
its institutional structure, equipping itself with staff qualified both in
the field of research and preservation of the goods, indeed a scientific
referent, a musicologist and a curator assure accurate and meticulous
expositive criteria, constantly intervening in the process of research and documentation with the aim of providing the visitors with solid
and correct cultural information. Because of its particular prerogative
and uniqueness, the owners of the Museum of Musical Instruments and
Music would like to widen and to strengthen its didactic and learning
opportunities to the benefit of students and of people interested,
offering a valuable occasion for personal cultural enrichment.
A travel in the history of music, among wonderful collection items
and instruments coming from all over the world. The Museum of
Musical Instruments and Music, based inside the Gerundia Academy,
School of Artistic Disciplines in Lodi, is a real jewel within the
context of town collections. The Museum is accessed through the
main entrance, on the ground floor of the building. The exhibition
is at present distributed over five rooms and aims at illustrating the
differences and the ways in which the instruments are used and
its goal is to help to understand not only the mere didactic and
technical side, but also the evolution of the universal language of
music, through the choice of expositive criteria that retrace the
historical exegesis of the art of sounds through the observation and
the critical analysis of the most ancient instruments and in particular
of the ethnical ones and of those belonging to the popular tradition. It
is a very accurate exhibition of musical instruments and of instruments
for the reproduction of sound, distributed on an itinerary structured as
• Musical instruments are divided into categories
String instruments – air instruments – idiophones – membranophones
– mechanical/electric
• The instruments for the reproduction of sound
From the gramophone to the computerized instrumentation
• The lute repairing and the restoring workshop
The phases of the building of a violin
• Music room
Collection of records, stores, musical library
In addition to the guided tour, it is possible, if requested prior to the visit,
to watch didactic videos about the use of musical instruments and also
to attend short live demonstrative concerts. The visit of the museum
is possible only by previous reservation, both for individual visitors and
groups, with a maximum of 25 visitors for each group.
The bookshop has cards of the museum and didactic notes for sale.

from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, reservation required.

Guided tours
Guided tour with a musicologist.
Souvenirs and didactic notes are

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