Navarolo Bogina canal

The Bogina canal is the last section of the Navarolo canal, starting from the Municipality of Commessaggio to end in Oglio at the sluice gate found in the hamlet of Bocca Chiavica, after travelling for  6039 m.

It is found in the lowest area of the provinces of Mantua and Cremona, and belongs to the water authorities of the Navarolo reclamation consortium. The main remedies taken by the local populations to combat the frequent and sometimes devastating flooding of the rivers Po and Oglio and the regions along their banks started during the times of the Etruscans and  consisted in building up the embankments of the two rivers.

Also reclamation work was carried out over the years until the middle of the last century, which lead to the canalization of the internal waters. One of the main elements of this network of canals is represented, in fact, by the Bogina canal, excavated before 1498 to defend the Viadana area.

(testo parco Oglio Sud)

Street and number
loc. San matteo delle Chiaviche