Bozzolo - town centre

The orthogonal maze of streets and the town walls evoke the presence of a junior branch of the Gonzaga family. About the important buildings of the period we find the chapel dedicated to Saint Frances, built in pink Verona marble, and the church of the Saints Trinity home to a “Crucifix” attributed to Giulio Carpioni. The village parish church, on the other hand, contains the tomb of don Primo Mazzolari, the work of the famous artist Giacomo Manzù.
The town gate on the road for Mantua was built in neoclassical style in the XIX century. In the central Piazza Europa, opposite the Town Hall, is the Social Theatre, built in the Nineteenth century and designed by G.B. Vergani. Of note among the buildings in the historic centre are Palazzo Piccioni, in Via Sergio Arini, 35 and in Via Giacomo Matteotti Palazzo Pasotelli, at number 66, Palazzo Casalini, and at n° 45, with its park and Court Building, at numbers 24 – 36, founded by the Gonzaga family and dating back to the end of the XVI century.

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